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Student Transfer

Parents or guardians may request an intradistrict transfer for their student. Students and families must meet certain criteria to qualify for a transfer.  

In approving transfers, availability of space, instructional staff, the student’s disciplinary history and attendance records will be considered.

A transfer student must follow all rules and regulations of the District.  Violation of the terms of the agreement may result in a transfer request being denied and/or not being approved for the following year. 

Transportation will not be provided by the district for a student attending a school outside of their attendance boundary.

The transfer, once approved, must be renewed annually and is subject to the denial policy.

Approval of a district transfer does not guarantee UIL varsity athletic eligibility or participation.

Parents or guardians seeking a transfer for their student must complete the student transfer application linked below.


2023-2024 Intra/Inter District Student Transfer Application


Additional Information for Parents/Guardians

Intradistrict Transfers

Students are required to attend the school located in their attendance boundaries. 

Special requests for a student to be permitted to transfer to a campus not located in their attendance boundaries may be submitted to the Area Assistant Superintendent for consideration.

Interdistrict Transfers

A nonresident student shall not be permitted to attend District schools.

Special requests for a nonresident student to be permitted to attend a District school may be submitted to the Area Assistant Superintendent for consideration.


Any questions should be directed to the Area Assistant Superintendent at 281-592-8717 ext. 1152