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Intra-District Student Transfer

Parents and guardians may request an intra-district transfer for their student.  Students and families must meet certain criteria to qualify.  Criteria are identified in the application.  Additionally, current enrollment by campus and grade of the requested campus and the determination of whether or not additional staff would be needed to support the student being transferred are taken into consideration.  Transfers are not guaranteed for a full year and must be renewed annually.  Families seeking a transfer need to complete the form linked below.  Any questions should be directed to the Director of Student Services at 281.592.8717.

CISD Intra/Inter District Student Transfer Application

To ensure that your transfer request is processed in a timely manner, please meet all timelines, submit appropriate documentation, and apply using the new digital application.  Please do not use the 2021-2022 student transfer application, as this no longer applies.

Current Transfer Student - Renewal April 22, 2022
New Request - Enrolled prior to July 27 and will attend on first day of school July 27, 2022
New Request - Following July 27, 2022 Case-by-Case