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Bullying occurs when a student or group of students engages in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on school property, at a school sponsored or school-related activity, or in a vehicle operated by the District.

Bullying of a student may include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name calling, rumor spreading, or ostracism.

Any student who believes that he or she has experienced bullying or believes that another student has experienced bullying should immediately report the alleged acts to a teacher, counselor, principal, or other District employee. 

Bullying Policy

Stay Safe. Speak Up!

The Stay Safe. Speak Up! Student Safety Reporting System is provided for students and parents to report concerns to school officials which may affect the peace of mind of students or jeopardize the safety of people or school facilities.


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