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Middle School

Students are introduced to a variety of speaking situations and a basic understanding of theatre arts. Students learn theatre preparation techniques, discover ways to communicate nonverbally, and enhance control of their voice and body. Students study a range of theatrical content and have opportunities to perform in class and in stage productions.


High School

The high school theater program is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore their creativity and develop their acting skills. Under the guidance directors, students can gain confidence in their abilities while learning about the history and techniques of theater. With a focus on teamwork and collaboration, theater provides a supportive environment in which students can express themselves and build lasting friendships. From rehearsals to performances, a high school theater program encourages students to work hard and embrace their unique talents. Whether they are interested in acting, directing, stage design, or backstage production, students can find their niche in the exciting world of theater.





CISD Theater Directors


Cleveland High School

Kendrea Langston


Cleveland Middle

Angela Sharp


Santa Fe Middle School

Natalie  Hammonds