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Middle School

This program allows students to explore their passion for music and hone their vocal skills through regular rehearsals and performances. The choir directors work with the students to choose and practice a diverse range of musical pieces, from classical to contemporary and helps them to develop their technique and musicality. The choir often performs at school events and concerts. Students in the choir program not only gain valuable musical experience, but also develop confidence, teamwork skills, and a love for the arts that will last a lifetime.



High School

The Choir and Vocal Ensemble classes provide students with the opportunity to work on a variety of musical performing styles and techniques and to improve self-expression through vocal performance activities. Classes include CHS Chorale, Glee Club, A capella Choir, Women’s Choir, and Men’s Choir. 



Cleveland ISD Choir Directors


Cleveland High School

John Burkwall


Cleveland Middle School

John Stephenson


Santa Fe Middle School

Matt Davis