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Library Services

Library Vision 
As a literature-based entity, our vision is to cultivate and advance a culture of lifelong researchers, critical thinkers and self-directed learners that will empower and enrich a global society.
Library Mission
While supporting classroom instruction to ensure a better future, our mission is to provide quality literature and resources to elevate learning experiences for our diverse community of learners.


Library Program Goals
  • Our students will develop skills and show progress in their learning of information literacy skills. 
  • Our students will be allowed to enjoy opportunities of discovery, fostering their independent choice of reading with different genres and information in a variety of formats. 
  • Librarians will apply the most proficient professional knowledge and skills to teaching, leading, and guiding our students. 
  • Librarians will provide access to technology in order to effectively integrate it into the classroom to provide real-world experiences and support the curriculum.
  • Librarians will provide flexible scheduling (access to books) in an effort to eliminate any educational disparities while increasing achievement amongst our students.
  • All teaching staff will be supported collaboratively, by the librarian, to enhance innovative teaching and achieve both library and classroom instructional goals. 
  • School-based library lessons and programs will meet the overall Cleveland ISD library program mission and objectives.