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Family and Community Engagement

Title III Parent, Family, and Community Engagement


What is Parent, Family, & Community Engagement under Title III?

Any LEA or Charter District who receives Title III funding shall use the funds to provide and implement other effective activities and strategies that enhance or supplement language instruction educational programs for English learners, which (A) shall include parent, family, and community engagement activities; and (B) may include strategies that serve to coordinate and align related programs. [Title III, Part A, Section 3115 (c)(3)(A)(B)]

Parent engagement includes working together in a parent-school relationship with on-going, goal-directed communication and culturally responsive support. This shared responsibility seeks what is best for the academic success of students and families, both individually and collectively.

Family literacy services integrate the following:

·         Interactive literacy activities between parent and child

·         Training in parenting activities

·         Literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency (e.g., teaching adults to read)

·         Age appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences1

1 “OCTAE.” ED, U.S. Department of Education

Family outreach and training provide parents with the required parent and family literacy services, activities, and trainings needed to improve their English language skills. These services enhance the academic achievement of English learners and immigrant students.

Community participation programs: Participation is the action of taking part in an activity or an event. Under Title III, Part A, “community participation programs” are programs in which English learners, parents, and family members can take part.