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State Assessment Resources

TEA Resources: (Answer Documents for training purposes)

Answer documents for training purposes

New to Texas coding

Calculator policy

Dictionary policy


Accommodations: (Educator Guide to Accessibility within the STAAR Program)

Educator Guide to Accessibility within the STAAR Program

Lead4Ward Designated Supports Quick Look - Local decision

Lead4Ward Designated Supports Quick Look - TEA decision required

Lead4Ward Allowable Supplemental Aids Quick Look

Training Materials & Test Security: (TEA test administrator training modules - all 3 modules much be completed)

TEA test administrator training modules - all three modules must be completed

STAAR Grades 3-5 Test Administrator Manual

STAAR Grades 6-8 Test Administrator Manual

STAAR EOC Test Administrator Manual

Oral/Signed Administration Guidelines

SSI Manual

Pearson - TestNav for STAAR Alt.2, TELPAS and TELPAS Alt.

Headset Test Instructions


  • TELPAS Online Tasks

  • Changing Years In US Schools and Other Demographic Info

  • Creating Sessions and Adding Students to Sessions

  • Entering Accommodations and Coding ARD Exempt Students

  • Entering Holistic Ratings

  • Moving or Removing a Student from a Test Session

  • Printing Student Testing Tickets

  • Starting, Unlocking and Stopping Test Sessions

  • Updating Holistic Rating Information after Initial Entry

  • Update Caching

  • Pulling the TELPAS Combined Status Report



Directions & Help

  • How to Mass Assign Students to a Test

  • Inventory - What does that color coding mean?

  • Best Practices: Accommodations


For HELP, after you login to TestHound, look to the Help tab on the right side of the screen and click there.

TELPAS Resources

Newly Enrolled EL—Holistically Rated Domains: An EL from another Texas school district, state, or country who enrolls on or after the first day of the TELPAS testing window (February 24) will not be assessed by the receiving district in the holistically rated domains. However, newly enrolled students in grades 2–12 are required to take the TELPAS reading and listening and speaking tests.

2020 TELPAS Test Administration Manual

2020 TELPAS Rater Manual Only Available Online

2020 TELPAS Educator Guide

2020 TEA Resources Page



TELPAS Online Training Center - Opens Monday, January 13, 2020

  • Calibration window opens for new and returning raters on Feb 10, 2020

  • Proficiency Level Descriptors (PLDs)

  • How to Access the Online Training Site

    • After completing the modules and practice activities for the K–1 Online Basic Training Course, Grades 2–12 Online Basic Training Course, or the Assembling and Verifying Grades 2–12 Writing Collections course, a certificate of completion will be available on the Scoring Summary tab of the TELPAS Online Training Center.