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Ticket Purchasing Information

To purchase tickets and season passes, contact:


CHS Athletic Secretary

(281) 592-8752 ext. 1226

Note - Tickets are not sold online and may only be purchased either through Jerrie, or at the front gate during the game. Tickets must be purchased with CASH ONLY and bills larger than $20 are not accepted. If a spectator leaves the stadium, a new ticket must be purchased upon re-entry.

Reserved Seating Section Reminder

The red section of the football stadium is reserved seating for season pass holders only. General admission tickets and season passes may be purchased, Tuesday through Thursday, 9am to 1pm from the Athletic Secretary, Jerrie Holloway-Smith at Cleveland High School, Office J101. General Admission tickets will also be sold at the gate.

We appreciate the support of our fans. Thank you for giving of your time to support our athletes.