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Profile of a Leader

Cleveland ISD leaders relentlessly pursue the success of every student with an unwavering commitment to the service of others. Deeply committed to the promise and purpose of others and personally modeling an insatiable desire to learn and improve.

In Cleveland ISD, leaders are...


  • Works with the appropriate stakeholders in the decision-making and planning processes.
  • Works cross-functionally with all CISD teams and actively listens to ensure all stakeholders' voices are heard.


  • Prioritizes and models culturally responsive practices as a foundational element of professional practice.
  • Understands and responds appropriately in a timely manner to the diverse and dynamic needs of our students, employees, and community.
  • Makes decisions across the district that are equitable and fair.


  • Actively works with others to develop them to their fullest potential by providing formal and informal feedback.
  • Inspires, motivates, and encourages others to perform at their best.
  • Seeks to build trusting relationships.


  • Able to predict and plan for the future based on data analysis and research-base trends.
  • Thinks beyond traditional boundaries and provides innovative solutions.
  • Continuously seeks improvement for self, as well as the district and community.


  • Makes fair, equitable, and informed decisions based on data and research-based trends.
  • Is transparent and provides appropriate and timely communication.
  • Holds self and others accountable.
  • Establishes equitable routines and systems that foster a sense of belonging among all.