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Model Classroom

Children in Cleveland ISD Classrooms...

Receive STUDENT-CENTERED instruction specific to their individual needs and learning

  • Articulate the learning objective and how it applies to their learning.
  • Engage in differentiated and choice activities.

Are engaged in ACTIVE LEARNING.

  • Are curious and inquisitive about their learning through interactive instructional design.
  • Apply their learning in new and critical ways, both independently and collaboratively.
  • Share their learning in a variety of mediums including oral and written presentations.
  • Leverage digital learning skills and tools.
  • Embrace the challenges in their learning to master content.

Are provided with formal and informal FEEDBACK aligned to objectives, quality of work,
and personalized academic goals.

  • Collaborate with teachers to understand their learning needs.
  • Use data to create personal goals and monitor their progress.
  • Articulate their goals and how they learn best.

Engage in a safe learning environment that promotes a SENSE OF BELONGING.

  • Know and follow classroom processes and procedures.
  • Know their teachers and peers care about their academic and social development.
  • Exhibit care and concern for others by valuing differences.

Cleveland ISD accomplishes this by...   

● Understanding and articulating the level of rigor and content of the TEKS and how they are
vertically aligned throughout the grade levels.
● Intentionally planning instructional design and delivery to meet the academic needs of our
● Evaluating student learning through formative assessments.
● Analyzing student data and intentionally planning instruction to meet their academic
● Utilizing resources that support intentional planning, student engagement, and the closing
of achievement gaps.
● Building positive and professional relationships with students.