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Strategic Plan

Cleveland ISD is putting our focus towards five main priorities that collectively serve as the support pillars of our Shared Vision:

A Culture of Learning

  • A viable, equitable, and flexible curriculum is implemented throughout Cleveland ISD with fidelity.
  • The design and delivery of instruction provides a variety of student-centered pathways for students to close academic gaps, enrich learning, and explore careers.
  • Students in Cleveland ISD maximize academic growth based on individual data-driven learning goals across all content areas.
  • Provides a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum that promotes a sense of belonging, compassion, and resiliency.

Community Engagement

  • Establishes a parent network that educates and engages families in Cleveland ISD.
  • Cleveland ISD partners with local businesses and community organizations to create learning opportunities for our students and teachers.
  • Celebrates the success of Cleveland ISD to encourage family and community engagement.
  • Creates opportunities for parents, guardians, and community partners to engage in campus and district decision-making and is seen as a resource to support the district's shared vision.

Cultivate Talent

  • Provides engaging and ongoing professional learning opportunities for all Cleveland ISD stakeholders.
  • Builds leadership capacity focused on continuous improvement.
  • A multi-year professional learning plan addresses the needs of our personnel to ensure a student-centered district
  • Provides engaging professional learning opportunities that meet the demands of the classroom and Cleveland community to ensure the recruitment and retention of teachers.

Culturally Responsive

  • Provides equitable access and inclusive practices to programs and resources to ensure students meet their academic and wellness goals.
  • Builds an inclusive culture that creates a sense of belonging and connection with all families, students, employees, and community members.
  • Continuously reflects and takes action on the diverse needs of its student population.
  • Creates opportunities to work internally and externally to unite the diverse population and geographic regions of the district.

Campus Safety

  • Personnel candidates are vetted using state protocols and rigorous district requirements to ensure the safety of students and employees.
  • Continuously practices, evaluates, and improves Emergency Operating Procedures with district personnel and state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Personnel engages in ongoing professional learning to ensure daily student safety inside and outside of the campus.
  • Evaluates current and future needs to ensure student safety.